Burn In Hell have wreaked havoc throughout Australia and Europe in the last 3 years, sating an abundant appetite for their sensual, grinding rhythms and gravelly vocals. Pirate music it ain’t, though some timbers are shivered and sails are hoisted, a more apt portrayal may be a stygian primordial belch, the type of music the devil would relish had he a lust for dance, a lyrical ear, a penchant for sardonic wit and a drum beat his minions would weep for. Think swampy cabaret with a gypsy attitude, dirty gutbucket blues and call and respond field hollers. Then think again…

Burn in Hell are a maelstrom of guitar, piano and drums with the occasional guest playing saw, toy xylophone, beer keg, didjerreedoo, metal ironing board and anything that makes noise. This is boneyard music sung by junkyard dogs, carny music for bearded women and two-headed men, the cabaret of the damned and the swamp music of the stranded and abandoned. These rollicking barrelhouse rhythms lead you nowhere close to everywhere and somewhere close to nowhere.

Burn in Hell toured Europe for the first time in 2011 doing a short 13 date tour of France , the sucsess of this tour led to a return tour in 2012 doing 60 shows in 5 countries,Featuring for 3 days (opening and closing the festival) at The Binic Folk Blues Festival. “ Burn in Hell are the revelation of the Binic Festival “, Le Telegramme.

Burn in Hell returned to Australia with a new album DR AWKWARD on vinyl and cd again thru BEAST RECORDS ( ‘One of the disc’s of the year by an important group on their way to becoming essential’,Patrick Foulhoux, Dig It, Fanzine), to follow their first album Spiderfightcatwaterhate (CD on CDBABY, Vinyl on BEAST RECORDS ).

Returning to Europe in 2013 for a 69 date tour Featuring again at the Binic Folks Blues Fest ( FR) as well as The Freakshow Festival( FR ) and Donkey Rock (belg.) and heading to Portugal for the first time Burn in Hell have established themselves as amust see Live act , with a collection of addictive releases.

With the long awaited 3rd studio album in production Burn in Hell will be launching a fresh attack on the bars and clubs of Europe in Autum 2014 to promote the new record and their bizzare version of rock n roll dimensia.