Spearhead of the Belgian rock & roll scene, the trio from Liège has become a safe bet of the European rock scene. After more than 10 years of concerts, an EP and two records, the band settled in New York, in Matt Verta-Ray’s (Heavy Trash) studio, to record its latest album ‘Liquid Love’ (JauneOrange) under the guidance of Jon Spencer (JSBX, Heavy Trash, Boss Hogg, Pussy Galore).
An album critically acclaimed, and allowed them to be part of TRAX, the musical TV show of Arte.

The stage obviously remains the band’s favorite playground, and their explosive performances continue to captivate thrill-seekers: loved or hated, nobody is indifferent to these great performers and this is far from being over!

New album: « The Belgians » available on JauneOrange (distribution in France via Pias)