Heir to the great delta bluesmen, Victor Sbrovazzo created his project Dirty Deep in 2010, taking example on the likes of Scott H. Biram. Revealed by the Binic Folk Blues Festival, he went on the road with his guitar, harmonica and a fierce will to turn his trip into a way to the truth, rhythmed by an instinctive, raw sense of blues.

After Back to the Roots (2012) – a testimony to this solitary period – Geoffroy Sourp and his powerful, hip-hop influenced beats joined the project and turned the one-man band into a ruthless, mature duo that exploded on «Shotgun Wed- ding» (2014) and on the scene, their one true home. Live, resistance is futile: the drum’s magnetic energy drives the frenetic guitars and incredibly rough voice to their pinnacle, taking the audience on a thrilling blues-rock trip.

In 2016, the band achieved its final stage and became a trio with the addition of bass player Adam Lanfrey and the creation of “Whats Flowin’ in my Veins”, to be released on Deaf Rock

Records in April 2017 while the band keeps touring France, Switzerland and Benelux.

After two tours in USA, «Tillandsia» sees the day. In 2018 the electric album produced by Jim Jones has been released in France.

Now, 2020 welcomes their first unplugged album called «Foreshots», all recorded as an old time blugrass band. You may now pick up what kind of music fit the best with your mood.