Just when you thought it was all done with Garage Rock, The Jackets have resurrected it and catapulted it into the future with their own version and mix of ‘60s, punk and Psychedelia. The female fronted trio from Switzerland is known for their high energetic live shows and have built a large and loyal fan base all over the world since 2008.

Charismatic singer and guitarist Jackie Brutsche (aka Jack Torera) is an elemental force, androgynous and wild. With her distinctive voice, her mind bending fuzz guitar and her unique stage presence she captivates. Together with the uncompromisingly rhythm and groove section of Chris Rosales on drums and Samuel Schmidiger on bass the Jackets create the perfect three-piece; raw, direct, authentic, dangerous and fun!

The Jackets are not only musicians: they also make films, theatre, art and write stories which are also expressed in their art-work, lyrics or in their music videos.
The Jackets have released four full length albums (LP and CD), a vinyl single, a cassette tape, are represented on many compilations and worked with several labels like Voodoo Rhythm Records, Soundflat Records and others. In 2017 the band joined forces with producer and musician King Khan (King Khan & The Shrines) who produced their last two releases which were mixed and mastered by Jim Diamond (White Stripes). In 2021 The Jackets formed their own independent label Wild Noise Records.