Savage Rock'n'roll since 2006 !

Lipstick vibrators is a wild rock'n'roll sent to the bottom like a chevrolet driven by Charles Manson in the streets of Paris.

Despite a break of almost 6 years between 2014 and 2020 and a change of line-up, The Lipsticks are back, the sunglasses still as black and the riffs still as powerful.

Lipstick Vibrators have played with many famous bands such as Jello Biafra, Guitar Wolf, The Dwarves, Baboon Show, The Vibrators and many more... and have exported themselves throughout Europe and even to Japan.

And what better description than that of Peter Greenberg (Lyres, DMZ, The Savages) : The Lipstick Vibrators do 1977 punk rock and roll better than any band out there today. They got the sound and feel while managing to sound fresh not derivative.

Actual line-up
Dandy Pumpkin : Voice
Tom Idle : Lead Guitar / Voice
Coxs Tornado : Bass
Duche : Guitar
Tarro : Drums

Discography :
2010 : EP picture disc - 4 tracks
2010 : EP split with Postal Market babies
2010 : Album: The Prick
2014 : Album: Low Winter Blues