Formed in 1981 by Elsa Sadet (Keys) Stéphane Guichard (Guitar and Vocals) les Soucoupes Violentes draw from the garage rock of The Velvet Underground, Television, Creedence Clearwater Revival and the Kinks. They’ve released nine aclaimed albums.

The band reformed in 2006 and by the end of 2008 recorded a new album: “Waiting for the worst”
Since the very beginning the Soucoupes have been interested in everything which is essential to the real spirit of rock, as in The Ramones covering Motown or Jacques Dutronc doing punk !!! Since October of 2015, the group’s entire discography is available on all the normal streaming and download platforms. And by « entire discography » we mean not only the Soucoupe Violentes first era (1984-1991), but also the two albums recorded since 2005, their enthusiastically received comeback album « S’attendre au Pire », and the more recent « Fort Intérieur » : « Fragile and menacing (….) sometimes melancholic , other times full of casual arrogance, this new album marks the rebirth in top form of a group we are delighted to see returning to the scene » (Les Inrockuptibles). Even though guitarist-singer Stéphane Guichard stays true to his influences of yesteryear (pop, garage, psych and 60s rock refocused into a unique signature sound), his current ambitions are not at all revival or nostalgia oriented.

The Rock’n’roll his group produces still sounds contemporary because it is frontal and careless.

Discography :
1984: EP Mercenary (Forbidden Planet)
1987: In your mouth (Tutti Frutti)
1988: SP Staying in bed (Tutti Frutti)
1989: Going to Know ( New Rose )
1989: SP With eyes like this ( New Rose )
1990: EP And for a yes, and for a no ( New Rose )
1991: SP The imperfect ( New Rose )
1991: Light years ( New Rose )
2009: Expecting the worst (Patate Records)
2015: Inner Fort (Forbidden Planet)
2019 : In and Août (Twenty Something)