The Tarantino Twist Show transforms any venue into a steamy hot western scene full of crooked characters, sensual women and banging music.

A show filled with spicy surprises and grand gestures that will make you wiggle in your seat with excitement. This ain’t just a concert – it’s an experience to remember in a place where the mood is as high as the morals are low. It’s showtime!

Inspired by Tarantino’s unforgettable movie soundtracks, The Crazy 88's Surfband (g/b/dr) will provide the musical score with amazing Californian surf and western rock. The three crooks ooze an untamed and ferocious masculine vibe as they fire riffs at anything that moves.
‘Saint’ Sam is the singer of the night, and she will lead you through the show with her exotic charm and sensual presence.

Scarlet Blixen is a classical burlesque performer and a true goddess of seduction. She will take the stage as the devilish femme fatale with her magical looks, and dance her way into the hearts and loins of the audience with her enticing movements.