Bob Wayne makes raw, deep, ‘pure country’ music that walks the line between comedy and dark truths, never trying to be anything he’s not and consequently ensuring everything he does is genuine, with a total lack of affectation. With his natural vocal style often having common links to artists such as the late great Johnny Cash and his songwriting style compared to Kris Kristofferson Bob brings a neo-Cash vibe that is much needed in todays resurgence of authentic country music.

In 2023 Bob continues to carry the torch. With his newest album ‘13 more Truckin Songs’ containing songs like ‘Space Trucker’, ‘Truck Driving Woman’, and ‘Trucking for Jesus’ this record is sure to deliver a plethora of new trucker classics in his neo-country authentic way.

Discography :
- 2006 : 13 Truckin' Songs
- 2006 : Blood to Dust
- 2009 : Driven by Demons
- 2011 : Outlaw Carnie
- 2012 : Till the Wheel Fall Off
- 2014 : Back to the Camper
- 2016 : Hits the Hits
- 2018 : Bad Hombre
- 2020 : Rogue