The Mochines, brainchild of Ross Richard Kersten, are a high energy Rock n Roll band that formed in 2005. Ex-LaDonnas frontman was exiled to Cape Town, South Africa and awaited release upon creating the perfect soup of raw RnR mayhem.

With seven albums and 20+ North American, European, and South African tours under his belt, and after a five year hiatus, Kersten has joined forces , with ex Rock patriots, Tom Cook, previously of Magnolias and Mike Davis Group(MC5), Curt Florzak and William Graves III, of B Movie Rats fame.
Kersten, Cook, Florczak and Graves will once again hit Europe in April/May 2018 on a three week tour including Holland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
With an accumulated 25+ albums under their collective belt, this supergroup is ready to reset the standards back to what Rock n Roll use to be, raw, unexpected and uninhibited.