POWERSOLO is a rock and roll band which formed in 1996 in Aarhus, Denmark by Vocalist/Guitarist Kim “Kix” Jeppesen. POWERSOLO is an active group, recording and touring internationally and extensively through Europe and the USA, as-well-as featuring on several soundtracks for TV and
film including the Danish/Canadian crime drama Himmerland, and american television series True Blood and American Horror Story.

Their sound- termed by the band as “Donkey Punk” is characterized by an often frantic and raucous blend of Garage, Punk, Psychobilly, Surf, and World Music. This patois leans heavily on a Blues-based rock sound which is recorded often with what could be called utilitarian, obscure, or often primitive instruments and tech. This loans a very authentic-sounding vintage aesthetic to their recordings.

POWERSOLO’s live shows often leave eventhe most seasoned of showgoers bewildered and confused, but always entertained by their quirky, rude, and silly-yet-threatening stage antics- if not by the simple raw power that this group delivers to the crowd at every performance.
Influences and Genretizing Issues.

POWERSOLO brings together a distinctively widespread mix of genres centered around an aforementioned mix of Garage, Punk, Rockabilly, Psychobilly, Surf, Psychedelic, Acid Rock, Blues, World Music, Country, Hard Rock, and frankly an objective list of others as well. Never a band to be put into one box, these influences bounce back-and-forth on every record, displaying the groups versatility, whilst still always carrying a retro-rock vibe to all of their compositions. This is bound together sonically by what is often an analog-driven or lofi approach to recording. It could be said that POWERSOLO’s sound is somewhat stripped-down, but never minimalist rock n’ roll.

You’re just Seven Inches From Heaven baby!