Both as a band and as individuals, the Morlocks have earned their stripes on the rock and roll circuit. Through breakups, breakdowns, personnel changes, cities and popular culture, they’ve continually gained strength, even when they’ve lost their lives. In the process, they’ve acquired a seamless originality and following. Where others would have bled long ago, Morlocks are sewn up and carry on.

Amazingly, in 1999, Spin Magazine published an inaccurate story in which it declared the death of its charismatic and energetic singer, Leighton Koizumi (also fronting Gravedigger V). Needless to say, Leighton (far from dead) continues to lead the charge, a duty he has assumed since the band’s debut album. The Morlocks have continued to perform and record, some of which have been featured in films, TV shows and video games.