Formed in 2021, Selestadian quintet PUNKY TUNES quickly made a name for themselves with energetic shows featuring covers of Nofx, Rancid, Offspring, Interrupters, Bad Religion, Pennywise, 7 Seconds, SOIA, Kid Dynamite or Turnstile. The band quickly moved on to compositions mainly influenced by the skate-punk and HxC scenes. 

Composed of veterans of the HxC punk scene, with Laurent on guitar (Pitfall, Ahimsa, Bridewell Hospital, Epsilon, Secretos del Corazon, Sparkling Bombs), Matthieu on bass (Nonsense, Sparkling Bombs, The Moorings, The Manky Melters), Matthias on drums (Nonsense, Make it Worse) and the new school of Loïc on guitar (Beer me Up) and Marie on vocals (Arbückle), the band is ready to share its energy on stage and with the audience!

True to their “anti-fascist, pro-feminist, animal-friendly, LGBT+, earth protection and DIY” values, the band has not forgotten the fun that built the spirit of 90s melodic punk rock.

 “Stay united!”