The Shalalees are a Belgian/Dutch Proto punk garage rock and roll band that lean heavelly on bands like The MC5, Roky Erickson, Reigning Sound, Sonic’s Rendevous band, Chuck Berry, The Stooges,The Red Devils , Link Wray and The Sonics. They ask questions like “do guitar solo’s belong in garage rock?” Can we make a blues harmonica sound like Godzilla is dying ?”  Is it good if smoke is coming out of a guitar amplifier?” The answer is always yes.  Live they sweat, cry, bleed and sometimes howl at the moon.

The Shalalees are
Ries : Drums ( ex Powervice)
Kevin : Bass ( ex sore losers)
Christophe : Blues Harp ( ex el guapo stuntteam)
Cedric: Guitar & Vocals ( ex sore losers, el guapo stuntteam)

Garbage dreams is out now on Sounds of Subterrania.