The Spitters is the explosive encounter between Max, Dorian, Sloog and Barny:
four clear-cut Toulon-era temperaments for whom “making music
music together” was an implacable logic.

The quartet juggles ’77 punk and garage revival, with their devastating pop melodies
pop melodies that they’ve already had the opportunity to rock the four corners of
Europe, they don’t hesitate to turn venues upside down with their infectious energy, and have been putting on supercharged shows while creating a festive atmosphere at every event since 2014, the date of their debut album “Crazy”.

In 2016, they’ll strike again with “Movement”, an album that surprises with its
its heterogeneity, produced and recorded by the “death to majors records” label.

Their third opus “Critical Strike” (2018, still produced by “death to majors records”) is a comeback to the roots of seventies punk, all in a deliberately lo-fi sonic ambience and endowed with pure 80s brutality, devastating… without concessions. They wereted no time in promoting this pretty LP in England, in cult venues such as London and Brighton.

It wasn’t long before the quartet were back in the studio with the inescapable lo spider to record their new album “Kitty Brain”, produced by “Tentacles Industries”. 11 tracks of garage, punk, pop and melody. In short, the very essence of the band…
They have had the opportunity to share stages with such big names as :
The Hives, Ty Segall, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Nervres, Johnny Mafia, Phoenix, Kurt Vile, Red Fang, Kelley Stoltz, Dirty Fences, Ryan Adams and many more…